Campaigning from Opposition

Developing a positive alternative to a local plan


North Warwickshire Labour Group

In North Warwickshire, North Warwickshire Labour Group made a decision to oppose the council’s Local Plan because of the location of the proposed houses swamping existing towns and villages. The Labour Group also made the decision that the debate around housing should not be about numbers but about the location, affordability and infrastructure. They worked with land owners and community groups to develop a pro-housing alternative plan to build a new garden village in the Borough. In doing so, they ran an effective three-year campaign, gaining ground in by-elections with one Labour gain and two increase in the vote – including taking the Tory leaders ward to within 38 votes! The development of an alternative Local Plan has delayed the introduction of the council’s own damaging plan, which currently sits with an inspector. Labour’s positive campaign for a new settlement helped to cut through to local people and could be key to winning control of the Council in May 2019.

The LGA Labour Group exists to fight the corner for Labour councillors at a national level, both within
the cross-party Local Government Association and with the Labour Party at Westminster. The Group provide a strong voice for Labour councillors and act as a platform for ideas and innovation for all those committed to an effective localist element to Labour politics and policies.

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