Ensuring a sustainable environment

Encouraging ultra-low emissions vehicles


Exeter City Council, Islington Council, Hackney Council, Southwark Council

Recognising the positive benefits of electric vehicles on the environment, Exeter City Council is replacing its fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles in order to reduce costs and the carbon footprint of the council. Electric vehicles used by council staff has led to a massive 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2010. The council is also providing Plug and Park sites to charge electric vehicles around the city to encourage private electric car ownership.

Islington Council is committed to improving air quality and working with neighbouring Hackney Council will ban all but the ‘cleanest’ vehicles from driving on a group of ‘ultra-low emission streets’. Petrol, diesel and older hybrid vehicles will not be allowed to enter nine streets during peak commuter periods, which will be reserved for ultra-low emission vehicles like electric cars, e-bikes, the newest hybrids and hydrogen vehicles, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. These changes are aimed at creating an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling, improve air quality, and reduce emissions within the local area.

To reduce reliance on fossil fuels and to improve air quality, Southwark Council is helping people to switch to electric cars through converting lamp-posts to provide charging for electric vehicles. In a borough where few people have a driveway and most people live in flats, on-street charging is vital to enable people to change over from petrol to electric. The first 75 will be installed by April 2019, and a further 75 by April 2020.

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