Improving transport in our towns and cities

Improving cycle infrastructure


Waltham Forest Council, Lewisham Council

For the past 5 years Waltham Forest Council has been rolling out a programme to increase levels of active transport through new infrastructure and improving the safety and priority for pedestrians and cyclists. The council has installed over 300 cycle hangars in residential streets, has closed off 43 residential streets to through traffic, improved 104 pedestrian crossings, created 15 new pocket parks on reclaimed road space, made 91 junctions safer by prioritising pedestrians, built 22km of segregated cycle lanes and introduced 43 ‘Tiger Crossings’. These actions have led to a significant reduction in car use. The 2018 Department of Transport survey has found that Waltham Forest has the second highest number of residents walking 5 or more times a week and now have the highest number of residents cycling 5 or more times a week in Outer London.


The Lewisham Council-run Lewisham cycle loan scheme allows residents for £10 to hire a bike along with a helmet, a lock and high visibility vest for four weeks. Over 1800 people have taken up the scheme that allows people to try cycling for the first time, with 78% of participants new or occasional cyclists. At the end of the month, people can buy their bikes for a reduced price.

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