Making our communities safer

Repurposing a little used building into a vibrant community hub and volunteer shop


Blackpool Council

A building, traditionally funded by an initiative to provide City Learning Centres, has now transformed into a community hub serving the neighbourhood in which it sits. Grange Park’s City Learning Centre had state-of-the-art facilities but was rarely used by local residents. The building is now known as @TheGrange. @TheGrange is run by Groundwork on behalf of Blackpool Council and offers opportunities for local residents to learn new skills, meet new people and improve their health and wellbeing. The facilities include shops, a library, a cafe, a community farm, a theatre, meeting rooms available for hire and a gallery. The building has been converted to include three retail units including a One Stop Shop, a pharmacy and the HIS community shop, which is a new concept run by a local organisation, HIS Provision. In the HIS community shop no money changes hands for food, instead customers can volunteer and in return earn points which can be traded in for food, clothes, toiletries, furniture and cleaning products and white goods.

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