Securing the best start in life for our children and young people

Showing commitment to looked after children


South Tyneside Council

The Magna Charter is South Tyneside Council’s commitment to support looked after children and young people. Co-produced with the South Tyneside Children in Care Council (MAGIC), the Magna Charter is a list of commitments to looked after children, presented through cartoon images accessible to children of all ages. The promises in the Magna Charter relate to the council’s intentions to limit unnecessary changes which cause disruption to young people’s lives (changes to social workers, schools, placements, etc.), as well as a commitment to communicating with and listening to the needs and preferences of young people. Drawing upon their experiences, the young members of MAGIC chose a range of commitments that mattered to them, including ‘value family relationships’ and ‘never move belongings in bin bags’. The Magna Charter provides children with an important sense of security and assurance.  

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