Using technology to deliver council services

Supporting the hospital discharge process


Knowsley Council

In January 2018, Knowsley Council launched a pilot exercise to offer a free 12-week Assistive Technology package, including a lifeline pendant and a smoke alarm, to support the hospital discharge process.  The pilot was targeted at people aged over 65 being discharged from hospital who were either in need of support or who may need support in the future.  There were 96 people being discharged from hospital took up the offer.  In March 2018, this pilot was extended to include people aged over 65 living independently at home, who were contacting or being referred to the Council.  This wider offer has proven successful, with 90 new enquiries received in the first three weeks – double the usual enquiry rate.  The number of service users has continued to increase each month, and it is anticipated that the total will reach 3,000 by March 2019.

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