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Tackling the cost of living crisis

Addressing poverty in Enfield

Enfield Council


Enfield Council

Enfield Council

In response to a Poverty and Inequality report commissioned by Enfield Council and produced by the Smith Institute, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, the Leader of Enfield Council, declared that addressing poverty in the borough is and will continue to be a top priority. The report found that deprivation in the borough has increased in the last five years. In the borough, just under 27% of households are in poverty and one in three children are living in poverty. In addition, the report also called on the government to review its funding arrangement for local authorities to help them tackle increasing poverty. Research from the report made a total of 27 recommendations that they believe will make a significant difference to families with the lowest incomes in the borough. The highlights from the recommendations are as follows:

· Reforming the private rented sector

· Improving access to healthcare, including mental health services

· Revitalising youth services

· Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour

Despite cuts of £179m since 2010, the council has finalized a six month timetable to allow the report’s findings to be incorporated into its budget. The hope is that in the future, the council can stride toward improving the livelihoods and life chances of those on low incomes living in the borough.

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