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Securing the best start in life for our children and young people

Providing online educational content during the Covid-19 pandemic

Bradford City Council


Bradford City Council

Bradford City Council

The Curriculum Innovation team at Bradford Council, which supports primary schools with the computing curriculum, has begun making YouTube videos that set fun tasks that children can do at home. 

The challenges for primary school aged children can be completed at home with everyday technology that they are likely to have around, with some tech free alternatives to use.

The challenges set already include creating a treasure hunt using QR codes, challenging children to make a digital photo collage showing the signs of spring with pictures taken in their own garden or yard or on their daily walk. A new challenge will be added every weekday and parents are encouraged try the challenges with their children too.

The videos can be found on YouTube by searching using #techawaychallenge or via the Curriculum Innovation team’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

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